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Tomorrow Never Dies cover
Genres:Action, Adventure, Thriller, .
Director:Roger Spottiswoode,.
IMDB Rating:6.40 (27872 votes).
Pierce BrosnanJames Bond
Jonathan PryceElliot Carver
Terence RigbyGen. Bukharin
Colin SalmonCharles Robinson
Judi DenchM
Ricky AckerHenry Gupta
Vincent SchiavelliDr. Kaufman
Götz OttoStamper
Teri HatcherParis Carver
Geoffrey PalmerAdm. Roebuck
Desmond LlewelynQ
Michelle YeohWai Lin
Joe Don BakerJack Wade
Samantha BondMiss Moneypenny
Julian FellowesMinister of Defence
Roger Spottiswoode

Plot: Elloit Carver is an egotistical media baron. Carver has the power to reach every person on the planet through his Carver Media Group Network- except for the People's Republic of Chinese who refuse his presence in their country. When he is tied to the disappearance of a British battleship in the South China Sea, James Bond is sent to investigate. It is in Hong Kong where Bond meets Wai Lin, a member of the People's External Security Force of China. With and without Wai Lin's help, Bond soon starts to uncover a plot that goes all the way back to a mission on the Russian-Kazakh Boarder, and will start a war only to feed the fire that is Carver's ego.

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