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Skeleton Crew cover
Genres:Horror, .
Director:Tommi Lepola,.
IMDB Rating:3.50 (69 votes).
Steve PorterSanders
Rita SuomalainenLisa
Anna AlkiomaaAnna
Jani LahtiKlasu
Jonathan RankleDarius
Ville ArasaloErno
David YokenDr. Andersson
Riikka NiemiMari
John J. LenickMike
Eija KoskimaaNurse 1
Ramo KalupalaPete
Tommi Lepola
Jukka ToivonenNurse 2

Plot: Decades after a sinister psychiatrist murdered his patients and captured the grisly acts on film, a small movie crew returns to the now-shuttered mental institution to shoot a thriller based on the actual events. But when the original snuff films are found, the script gets a grisly rewrite. Mesmerized by the shocking footage, director Steven (Steve Porter) vows to make his film more real and gives every crew member a role to die for.

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