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Caleb's Door cover
Genres:Thriller, .
Director:Arthur Vincie,.
IMDB Rating:2.20 (16 votes).
Penny BalfourLiz
Cathy HaaseJessica
Neal LernerJerry
Stephen C. BradburyShadow
Abigail LopezJulie
Carl DiMaggioCaleb
Andrea ReeseMary
Michael Del RioDetective Toth
Rick MowatMark
Dean AlaiSam
David RuncoJesus
Charles StranskyJoseph
Eric ShaammaDr. Raphael
John PutmanPaul
Joshua ShullColin
Arthur Vincie

Plot: Caleb is an ex-marine who's drifting through life, moving around, jumping from one pointless job to another, trying to find answers. He moves back to his childhood home to escape his nightmares and get his life back on track. He finds that everything's different. His high school sweetheart is now engaged. His parish priest, to whom he always turned for support, is struggling with his own crisis of faith. And instead of getting better, the nightmares start getting worse. Then they start coming TRUE.

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