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Linewatch cover
Genres:Drama, .
Director:Kevin Bray,.
IMDB Rating:5.70 (294 votes).
Cuba Gooding Jr.Michael Dixon
Kevin Bray
Dean NorrisWarren
Dave ColonBorder Patrol Agent
Luce RainsHarris
Chris BrowningRon Spencer
Omari HardwickDrake
Sharon LealAngela Dixon
Evan RossLittle Boy
Dan BurkarthJim Barnett
Josh CoffmanBill Kroft
Bryan LaneSam King
William SterchiSimon
Genia MichaelaKarate Instructor
Francisco A. FernandezJuan

Plot: Michael Dixon is a seasoned agent working linewatch on the US/Mexico Border. Well respected by his peers at US Border Patrol, and well loved by his family (wife Angela and 5 year old daughter Emily), Michael's world is suddenly threatened by secrets from his past. Michael was not always the respectable family man he now has become - he was a vicious Los Angeles gang member who turned his back on the gang and his own brutal ways. But no one can quit the gang, so when a chance encounter leads the gang to Michael in New Mexico, Michael is forced to find a way to protect his family, even if it means helping the psychotic gang leader Drake smuggle a truckload of drugs across the border.

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