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Pale Rider cover
Genres:Action, Western, .
Director:Clint Eastwood,.
IMDB Rating:7.00 (8742 votes).
Chris PennJosh LaHood
Carrie SnodgressSarah Wheeler
Clint Eastwood
Richard HamiltonJed Blankenship
Richard KielClub
Charles HallahanMcGill
Doug McGrathSpider Conway
Richard DysartCoy LaHood
Michael MoriartyHull Barret
Sydney PennyMegan Wheeler
John RussellStockburn
Marvin J. McIntyreJagou
Fran RyanMa Blankenship
Graham PaulEv Gossage
Chuck LafontEddie Conway

Plot: Clint Eastwood is a mysterious preacher who comes to a gold mining camp near a small town in the mountains. The miners are in grave danger as a ruthless landowner decides to take their land, with the support of the sheriff. The only one who seems brave enough to save them is this preacher who came from nowhere and nobody knows his past or his real name. Why is the sheriff afraid of him? Why is he such a good shooter? Is he really a preacher?

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