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Leprechaun in the Hood cover
Genres:Action, Comedy, Horror, Music, .
Director:Rob Spera,.
IMDB Rating:3.30 (1895 votes).
Ice-TMack Daddy
Warwick DavisLeprechaun
Rob Spera
Chloe HunterWaitress #2
Lobo SebastianFontaine Rivera
Bebe DrakePost's Mother
Jack OngChow Yung Pi
Ivory OceanReverend Hamson
Daya VaidyaSupporting
Anthony MontgomeryPostmaster P.
Rashaan NallStray Bullet
Lori J. JonesWaitress #3
Red GrantButch
Donna M. PerkinsJackie Dee's Wife
Eric ManskerBodyguard

Plot: As Clark has finally begun dating Lana, Helen Bryce cancels her wedding to Lex after being told to by Lionel. But later, Helen realizes that she loves Lex and they finally get married. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Martha are thrilled to learn Martha is pregnant. The memory/spirit of Jor-El speaks to Clark via the spaceship, telling him he must leave Smallville, his parents and friends to fulfill his destiny. Clark decides to destroy the spacecraft, and the spirit of Jor-El with it, by using Lionel's kryptonite-made hexagon key that he made a copy of off the late Dr. Walden, in order to use it on the cave wall to learn the kryptonian markings. Clark, with Pete's help, steals the key and uses to activate the spaceship, knowing the kryptonian radiation will destroy the ship. The ship does explode, but the shock wave injures Jonathan and Martha, causing her to miscarry. Chloe, jealous of Clark and Lana's blossoming romance, accepts Lionel's proposal to investigate Clark and gets the job at the Daily Planet. Clark, grief-stricken at the injury he caused his mother, puts on the red kryptonite ring and heads out of town on a motorcycle, planning never to return. Elsewhere, Lex, flying off on his honeymoon, wakes up alone on the airplane that is about to crash in the ocean...

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